Scrabble Rack Management

I have often encountered Scrabble players complaining about their losing streaks and blaming it on bad luck. Perhaps they only need a little help in managing their rack. Although drawing your tiles solely depends on the Tile Fairy (or The Fates, if you prefer), what you do with them is a whole different story. Here are some ways you might want to take note of:

1. The highest score isn't always the best play. You should also consider the tiles that are left behind. For example, if you play PALER, you will be left with two U's in your rack (not a good combination). However, if you play LUAU for a lower score, you'll then have P, E, and R...not bad.

2. Balance your rack. If you have too many vowels, try disposing them if you can. Same goes with consonants. An ideal rack contains 4 consonants and 3 vowels.

3. Retain common letters (A, E, I, N, R, S, or T) or letters that combine well with each other. You may want to save your U if you have a Q in your rack. Or if you are to choose between a V and a C, it might be preferable to retain the C if you have an H in your rack.

4. Avoid duplicates. If you have three N's, you may want to sacrifice a few points to dispose two of them.

5. No fishing. Do not play away one letter at a time in hopes of getting the perfect word. You'll just end up being 100 points behind, or worse, the game will be over before you know it.

6. In a hopeless case, exchange your tiles. If you have W, V, V, C, C, L, and F in your rack, then, boy, have you been cursed by the gods...


Anonymous said...

very original blog! cool!

madiha junaid said...

scrabble is my favourite game.keep posting.

Sannydrops said...

Thank you for your comments. I'll post more updates whenever I can.

BestOffer said...

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