Scoring a Bingo

A bingo in Scrabble refers to a play wherein you use all 7 letters in your rack in one turn. Once you score a bingo, you get 50 bonus points aside from your word score. Try using these tips to get that 50-point advantage:

1. Save common letters like A, E, I, N, R, S, T. If you have all of them, then that's great! You can either play STAINER, RETAINS, RETINAS, RETSINA, ANTSIER, or NASTIER...hmm what else did I miss...anyway just read on.

2. Do not waste your blanks. They are useful in making bingos since they can be any letter.

3. Look for prefixes or suffixes. Some examples are RE-, UN-, MIS-, OUT-, -ION, -ER, -ING, -IER, -IEST. If you arrange them first, then you'll be left with lesser tiles to scramble.

Try the following:

Can you spot the bingos?

4. Rearrange your tiles. It's more difficult to look for a bingo if you just stare at your rack.

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