Who am I?

I am a self-confessed Scrabble addict. I have been playing this game since high school and have loved it ever since. My passion for this game has led to the creation of this blog for the purpose of teaching others how to play Scrabble and win using some tips and tricks that I have learned in years of playing this game. Enjoy!

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My Stats as of 07/03/09:

Internet Scrabble Club "The best place to play live online Scrabble!"
Dictionary: TWL98
Wins: 4936
Losses: 2126
Rating: 1702
Best: 1727
Average: 397/20

I have just started playing Scrabble in Facebook. Here are my stats (so far so good):
Gamehouse Scrabble
Dictionary: SOWPODS
Wins: 118
Losses: 8
Rating: 936
Percent Won: 93.7%
Percent Lost: 6.35%

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